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Frequently Asked Questions:

          Deal With Pest Infestations Properly              

Learn More About Common Pest Problems


At Arrow Pest Control, providing convenient and effective pest control solutions in Fayetteville, NC is our mission. Do you want to learn more about common pest problems and how to properly deal with them? Please take the time to read our informative FAQ section.

We are currently compiling information for our FAQ page. In the meantime, you may visit our website’s other pages to learn more about the pest control services we offer. Please visit this page again soon for future updates.

Tips for You:

  • Trash collection areas provide fertile feeding grounds for numerous pests, including ants, flies, and rodents.

  • Perimeter inspection and treatment reduces the chance of pest invasion from neighboring properties.

  • Garages should receive the same thorough inspection that your home gets.

  • Door and window frames are common entry points for occasional invaders.

  • Cracks in foundation walls and chimneys provide easy entry points for pests like ants and rodents.

  • Landscape plantings often serve as perfect harborage areas for house invading pests.

  • Ants, earwigs, and pillbugs are among the insect pests that commonly live in river rock, bark mulch, and gravel beds.

  • Wood piles often harbor harmful pests such as crickets, spiders, termites, and snakes.

  • Wood piles can encourage termites to keep feeding in a specific area. Wood piles should always be kept away from the home.

  • Eaves and overhangs often harbor spiders and harmful flying insects, including wasps and hornets.

Discuss Your Pest Concerns With Us

We believe that providing relevant information on pest control is a great way of preventing pest problems from getting worse. For more information regarding common pest problems, read our FAQ section. If you want to personally ask your pest control questions with one of our staff, please call us at (910) 483-5211. We look forward to hearing from you.

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