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Outstanding Pest Removal

For Homes and Business Establishments

Keep your property safe from pest infestations and work with the experts of Arrow Pest Control. Whether you require residential or commercial pest removal, our team in Fayetteville, NC is at your service. Call us to schedule an appointment.

Prevent the Resurgence of Annoying Pests

At Arrow Pest Control of Fayetteville, NC, we believe that pest problems should be taken seriously. Many think bed bugs are a problem of the past. Unfortunately, we are experiencing a widespread resurgence of bed bugs in the United States and abroad. The ease of travel and increase in international travel, especially from countries that have heavy bed bug infestations, are the main reasons for their return. Humans unknowingly spread bed bugs with their movements and by transporting infested bedding, furniture and other materials from one place to another.

We Offer Stinging Insect Solutions For:

  • Yellow Jacket/Wasps

  • Bees

  • Centipedes

  • Occasional Invaders

Residential Service Program

We are constantly under siege from pests that want to ruin our homes, health, and happiness. These pests come in different varieties and come at different times of the year. That's why Arrow Pest Control has developed flexible Residential Pest Control Programs. Our services consist of regularly scheduled visits to your home throughout the year.

  • Inspection - we take the time to walk around your home. We look into those areas where we know that pests like to hide.

  • Evaluation - based upon the inspection results, we will determine the safest, best way to take care of your problems. We carefully select our products to ensure that your home, children, and pets are protected both during and after our services.

  • Education - we also let you know the results of our inspections and let you know what you can do to assist us.

  • Eradication - we then employ the tools of our trade, sticky traps, brooms, vacuums and yes, sometimes chemicals to rid your home of its unwanted visitors.

  • Follow-Up - on some occasions, we recognize the need for additional services to completely remedy a particularly severe problem. We always let you know just where you stand with our services.

Why Arrow May Come Multiple Times a Year

Two very important reasons. First, many pests are seasonal in their occurrence. Rats and mice are very common in the Fall and Winter but not as prevalent in the Spring and summer. Wasps and bees are noticed more in the summer after their colonies have become very large, but they can be better controlled with early treatments in the winter and spring. Other pests such as ants, roaches, and beetles also have seasonal peaks in their activity. Our challenge is to eliminate them before they become a problem to you. Second, because we rely on our training and expertise to rid your home of pest problems, we are able to reduce the amount of chemicals necessary to accomplish a pest free environment. If we are only allowed access to a home once or twice a year, there will be a need to use substantially more chemicals that would have otherwise been necessary.

Commercial Pest Services

Our Commercial Pest Management Program consists of a six-step plan which is a proven approach that maximizes effectiveness and minimizes chemical treatment and exposure.

  • Inspection - on the initial visit to the site, a thorough inspection is conducted and documented on our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) inspection forms.

  • Evaluation - based on the initial inspection, a comprehensive pest control program is devised for the site. The treatment program is devised using EPA registered pesticides in the most effective and appropriate formulations dictated by our IPM inspection and evaluation.

  • Education - a follow-up visit, if appropriate, may include an occupants' meeting to educate about conditions that promote pest problems and how these conditions can be mitigated. We also provide information as to the types of treatments to be provided.

  • Eradication - initial applications are made according to our pest control strategy formulated above. Monitoring stations are usually placed within one week after initial treatments are made.

  • Follow-Up - severe initial infestations will require one or more follow-up treatments that are conducted according to the initial program.

  • Quality Assurance - monitoring stations are inspected on a regular basis for any pest activity. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to look for evidence of pest activity such as damage, fecal deposits, trails, active harborage sites, and potential re-infestation.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

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