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Effective Pest Management

Tried and Tested by Numerous Clients


Pests pose a wide range of health risks to you and your property. When you need reliable pest management, visit Arrow Pest Control of Fayetteville, NC. Our team is knowledgeable in getting rid of a wide range of pests, including insects and rodents. To learn more about the quality of our services, please read our clients’ testimonials.

John P.

Owner of Several Local McDonald’s in Fayetteville, NC

“David always takes good care of us. It is very unusual that we ever have to call David for anything but when we do, he is always very quick to respond. I have been doing business with y'all for years and have always experienced excellent service.”

Gerald T.

Cumberland Baptist Church in Fayetteville, NC

“Cumberland Baptist Church is monitored by David. If we have a problem, David takes care of it right away! He is usually happy and jolly when he comes in. We believe he always has our best interest at hand, as well as Arrow Pest Control. I would never allow him to retire or take many vacations at all! We really think a lot of David...a great person!”

Connie C.

Residential Client in Shannon, NC

“Since I started with Arrow, I've had no more problems. David has gone above and beyond the call of duty. I trust David, and he and Arrow have been good to me. He even pays attention to my dogs. I recommend Arrow whenever possible.”

Jerry A.

Owner of Captain Jerry’s Seafood Restaurant in Fayetteville, NC

“I've had Arrow at my house for my yearly termite inspection and spraying and was very pleased, so I added them when I opened my restaurant. I have no issues with pests at either place, so I know the job's getting done correctly! Arrow does a wonderful job and David works his schedule around my schedule.”

Karen B.

Office Manager at N3 Government Solutions

“David Reeser serviced our office with such enthusiasm and happy disposition on a day that most people would just be mad to have to be at work, considering the weather! His professionalism was impeccable! I am the new office manager for N3, so this was my first encounter with him. Great first impression!”

Mark Harris

Attorney at law at Smith, Dickey, Dempster, Carpenter, Harris & Jordan

I have used Arrow Pest Control for over a decade. During that time I trusted Arrow to treat my office, rentals and home.  I have been more than satisfied on all counts.  Their service has always been timely and professional.

Major W. Johnson Jr.

Arrow Pest Control is the best! David Reeser and Tom Beard have taken care of our needs over the years and we highly recommend them and Arrow. We'll use Arrow Pest as long as they will have us!

Ashley & Johna K.

We have been using Arrow Pest Control for 16 years. We could not be more happy with our service. David has been coming to our house the entire 16 years and he is wonderful! He always reminds us to call him if we have any problems. He truly cares about his customers and he is very knowledgeable about pest control. Everyone at the office is also always very professional and a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend Arrow!!

Shirley F.

Tom is the best! I tell everyone about his work and I would never use anyone else!

Jim's Candy Corner

David is doing a great job. He does everything I need and I never have bug problems. He's just a great guy!

Joyce F.

Of Raeford United Methodist Church

We are more than happy with the Service we receive from Arrow Pest Control.  I have been working with David Reeser for almost 10 years now.  He is here when he says he will be here.  He will contact us if there are necessary changes in times.  The work is done quickly, thoroughly and effectively.  I would highly recommend your business and David to anyone.

Debbie B.

Of Leith Of Fayetteville

We are very satisfied with the service and could not ask for a better technician. David Reeser has always serviced our account and does it with a smile and great attitude! Thank you for eliminating our pesty little creatures around here and for the great service all these years.

Steve Waters

When I took over as office manager for Barnhill Contracting Company over 11 years ago, I inherited Arrow Pest control as one of our vendors. Out of all the vendors we do business with, I am most pleased with the service that I receive from David Reeser. He is an excellent ambassador of your company. Not only is he very friendly but David is also very knowledgeable about the pest control business and very professional in every way. Any time that we have any pest problem, David is quick to respond, recommend a solution and carry that solution out. I trust David’s judgment concerning his craft more so than I do any other vendor that I do business with. Since I have gotten to know and trust David, I have recommended him to friends and colleagues. I am an Arrow Pest control customer at my residence as well as my wife’s office because of the trust and confidence that I have in David.

Brooke-Adrienne M.

David is absolutely outstanding!  As renters, it is so helpful to have someone point out things we don't notice or remind us of something we may forget.  He has been servicing our house for our landlord for a number of years and I KNOW they sing his praises as well.  He even makes sure the cat doesn't escape!  As homeowners in another state we wish we had someone as reliable and dependable as he is there!

Sandy B.

David has been our bug guy for over 25 years. He's like one of the family who visits once a month. He's very knowledgeable, trustworthy and friendly. We rely on him completely and will continue to for many years to come. It's hard to believe there are still such good, honest people in the service industry today. Thanks, David, and thanks Arrow for your service.

Dennis Walko

Vice President of Global Services Corp.

We are very pleased with the quality of service we receive from Arrow. Their specialist is extremely friendly, accommodating, informative and efficient; the effectiveness of the treatments is proven; and we are extremely pleased at Arrow’s having performed these services at our 4,000 sq. ft. facility.

Mary and Jim W.

We have been with Arrow since 1994.  David started out being our bug man in our apartment, through a contract with our landlord.  We liked him and his services so well that when we bought our house in 1995, we called to see if he would continue doing our quarterly service at our new home.     He has since been doing our quarterly service for the last 20 years.  He is extremely friendly, trustworthy and professional.  I have also recommended him to the last two professional businesses that I have worked for, and he continues to do their quarterly service as well.  Any time that we run into an issue at the office or our home - he is always there, and fixes whatever needs to be done immediately.  I highly recommend Arrow Pest Control to anyone around!

Try Our Pest Control Services for Yourself

Are you facing a burdensome pest infestation in your property? Arrow Pest Control is here to help. Call us at (910) 483-5211 today and try our services for yourself. We assure you that you will be pleased with the quality of our pest control solutions.

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